PGA Junior League

The PGA Junior League is a fun, social and inclusive opportunity for boys and girls, ages 13 and under, to learn and enjoy the game of golf. Participants wear numbered jerseys and play on teams, using a popular scramble format that creates an exciting environment for learning the game of golf.


  • Each match is 9-holes in length, broken into three 3-hole segments called “flags”. There are three flags per match.
  • Each team will have a minimum of 8 players that will compete against other teams in the league. Each team will be broken into 4 groups of two and play in a 2v2 scramble match.
  • Each “flag” is worth 1 point with each match being worth a total of 3 points.

Courses: Teams will each have home and away matches and will be required to travel to the courses listed below.


  • Rogers Park (1 First Tee Team)
  • Rocky Point (1 First Tee Team)
  • Terrace Hill (2 Non-First Tee Teams)
  • Diamond Hill (2 Non-First Tee Teams)

Schedule: Thursday nights (Time 5:00 PM) A few Saturdays and Sundays (Time 2:00 PM)

  • March 15th Registration Opens
  • May 24th will be a party at Rogers Park for everyone to attend
  • A final schedule will be emailed out soon
  • After the season is over the league will create an All-star team to send to a regional playoff to compete against teams all over the Southeast region.


  • The cost of PGA Jr League will be around $100


How to Register:

– Visit the link below and click on ‘Register’ at the top of the page
– Search for either the Rocky Point Team or the Rogers Park Team
– Create an account for your child and complete the registration form

Contact: Grant Hedricks at for any questions