Dear First Tee Parents & Supporters,

We hope that all of you are managing well during these trying times.

Safety is of course our top priority. We will be following the recommended Guidelines from the CDC at all of our program locations. Below are some of our COVID-19 procedures that will be used during our youth programs:

  • Staff will wear First Tee masks at all times.
  • Coaches will be distributing hand sanitizer every group rotation as well as encourage hand washing as much as possible.
  • Drop-Off/Check-In will be done by the coaches outside instead of guardians signing them in to limit extra touching of pens and clipboards. There will be places marked off in case there is a line for Check-In, the places marked off will be 6 ft apart so the participants and guardians will know where to stand while they wait in line.
  • We will make sure social distancing is being executed throughout class at all times.
  • Participants will be split into small groups to keep the numbers at 8 or below per group. They will be with the same participants for the entire class as well as the same coaches. They will continue to remain 6ft apart in their small groups.
  • When it’s time for the groups to switch activities the coaches will distribute hand sanitizer to participants to clean their hands.
  • There will be NO sharing of clubs. If participants do not have their own clubs, they will be assigned clubs to use for that day of class. The clubs will be sanitized BEFORE and AFTER class to ensure the safety of participants and staff.
  • Flags cannot be removed from the hole for any reason. This limits the spread of germs.
  • Coaches will wash/sanitize their hands once they arrive, after set-up, after Check-In, when the groups switch to a different activity, when class ends, before and after they disinfect all equipment, and after clean up.
  • Participants will not under any circumstance touch another participant, this includes high fives, fist bumps, etc.

I am very confident that we can conduct safe and rewarding programs despite the circumstances. There’s nothing more important to me personally than the children’s safety, and if I ever feel that we cannot run these programs at an acceptable level, we will make the necessary changes or suspend programming. We also commit to being flexible if things change, and if so, we will keep everyone informed immediately.

Thank you for your continued support of First Tee – Tampa Bay.

Ian Baxter
Executive Director
First Tee – Tampa Bay